• The Best Christmas Tree Stand Ever!

Premier Christmas Tree Stand

The Premier Christmas Tree Stand is the best Christmas tree stand on the market. This heavy-duty, metal stand takes the hassle and stress out of putting up the Christmas tree. In just a few minutes, one person can setup and level their Christmas tree in five simple steps.

Created by Mr. Claas himself, the Premier Christmas Tree Stand is the best and last Christmas tree stand you will ever buy.

5 Reasons You Will Love Our Christmas Tree Stand

We put countless hours into designing a high-quality tree holder that will last you a lifetime. Don’t believe us? Watch Mr. Claas put up a tree one-handed in under 30 seconds.

  1. No more frustration trying to balance and level your tree.
  2. No more lower back strain.
  3. No more tree sap on your hands.
  4. No more scrapes or cuts from tree branches.
  5. No more fights with your spouse or significant other (at least not about the Christmas tree).

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